Property Tax


The Property Tax service provides a digital interface, allowing citizen to search and download property bill, make the payment online and download the payment receipt.

Steps Involved:

  • 1. Login to the system using Mobile number and OTP
  • 2. Search for required property using Search property.


  • 3. Download the bill
  • 4. Pay the property tax using portal or PT bill payment link received through SMS and Email
  • 5. Download the receipt

Facilities Available:

  • 1. Status update through SMS and Email
  • 2. Download & Print the PT Bill and Receipts.

Basis of Property Tax Calculatin:

  • Method of calculating property tax-
  • a) Property Tax is calculated according to Annual renting Value of Covered area.
  • b) Calculation of property tax is carried out as laid down under section 73(a) and 73(b) of Cantonment Act 2006.
  • c) One- twentieth of the sum obtained by adding the estimated present cost of erecting the building to the estimated value of land a pertaining thereto, in case of Hotels, Schools Factories Hospitals etc.
  • House Tax Slab is as under:-
  • 1. For ARV Upto Rs. 250/- house tax per annum is 10% of ARV
  • 2. For ARV exceeding Rs. 250/- upto Rs. 500 house tax per annum is 11 % of ARV.
  • 3. For ARV exceeding Rs. 500/- upto Rs. 1000 house tax per annum is 12 % of ARV.
  • 4. For ARV exceeding Rs. 1000/- upto Rs. 2000 house tax per annum is 13 % of ARV.
  • 5.For ARV exceeding Rs. 2000/- upto Rs. 3500 house tax per annum is 14 % of ARV.
  • 6.For ARV exceeding Rs. 3500/- upto Rs. 5000 house tax per annum is 15 % of ARV.
  • 7. For ARV exceeding Rs. 5000/- upto Rs. 10000 house tax per annum is 16 % of ARV.
  • 8. For ARV is Above Rs 10,000/- house tax per annum is 17% of ARV.
  • Water Tax :-
  • 1.  7.5% of ARV